Walk the Line

Walk the line… or track, whatever you want to call it! These pictures were actually taken a while back when my family was in Napa for my sisters’ birthday.  It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t ask for a better backdrop.
So lets talk about the clothes, this is a bit on the edgier side for me compared to my usual preppy looks, but I like it.  The shoes dress the look up while the linen shirt keeps it from being too dressy as well as keeping me cool.   I think these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, which is rather unfortunate given that I will probably have to put the away for summer, but back to the current. I loved the way they looked with my Zara jeans that have a stripe down the side.  The stripe adds a pop of color and is pretty unexpected. It was a nice finishing touch to the outfit.
What do you guys think? Do you like stepping out of your comfort zone sometimes?

What I have on:
Jacket: Cohesive , Shirt: Merona , Jeans and boots: Zara , Bracelet: Armani Exchange