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Photos courtesy of WearGustin.com

The past few months I have been trying to find myself the perfect pair of selvedge denim.  I have looked at many different brands and I think I may have finally found the magic pair.  After checking high-end retailers, they were all priced out of my current budget, even though some of them looked truly amazing.  So as I always do when I’m looking for something of great value for less, I turned towards Kickstarter (I may be slightly obsessed).   And low and behold, I found what I was looking for! 

The brand is Gustin and what makes them truly special, is there business model.  Their products are all crowd sourced.  What that means is that they design a collection of denim, shirts, belts, etc. and the buyers get to decide what is produced.  Each product has a campaign (similar to a kickstarter campaign) where there is a certain amount of days for it to be funded by a certain amount of people.  i.e. a pair of jeans has 15 days to get 50 people to fund it.  If it makes its goal, the product is put into production and shipped to those 50 people.  If the 15 days run out, no one is charged anything.  The one drawback, which also kind of makes it exciting, is that once the 50 people fund it, it closes and no one else can get the product, so you have to act fast if you want something.

Gustin also has six years of experience in the fashion industry and has been perfecting their craft.  They have also been able to build relationships and as proof, their selvedge denim comes from the finest mills all over the world.  But don’t think that means they are produced all over the world.  Gustin is produced locally in San Francisco (Woo America!).

And although all of the above stuff is great, the most impressive feat. to me is their customers reactions.  After reading countless reviews, it seems that Gustin has really been able to perfect the fit of the denim whilst still giving their customers great quality.  I’m glad I found them because now they only question is what color should I buy them in?  Check out the line here.
What do you guys think? Will you be ordering a pair?

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