Follow Friday!

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a new little surprise at the bottom of the blog now!  It is a blog roll.  In short, it’s a collection of some of my favorite blogs, for you guys (or girls)! 
Now before I just throw a bunch of random sites out there I wanted to do a break down of each one to say why it is awesome.  And believe me, each one of these blogs IS awesome!  So take a read and pick out your own favorites!

Without further ado, here they are:

The Gents:

            The Blog: I Am Galla
            The Blogger: Adam Gallagher
            What Makes It Awesome: Adam has done a great job of keeping style realistic for the everyday man.  Mixing casual looks with outfits that are a little dressier, all while keeping a signature California cool.

            The Blog: Stay Classic
            The Blogger: Tim Melideo
            What Makes It Awesome: Usually staying somewhere around business and business-casual attire, Tim has a classic American prep style.  And he is sticking to it (as the name implies)!

            The Blog: Closet Freaks
            The Blogger: Anthony Urbano
            What Makes It Awesome: I think every time I read a post by Anthony, I end up laughing at least once.  Great writing mixed with a great style and photos make this blog a winner.

            The Blog: Scout Sixteen
            The Blogger: Justin Livingston
            What Makes It Awesome:  Also a great writer, Justin always keeps it casual.  His outfits are both creative and functional and he effortlessly merges his Mississippi roots with a New Yorker twist.

            The Blog: One Dapper Street
            The Blogger: Marcel Floruss
            What Makes It Awesome:  Marcel has a modern approach of putting a dapper twist on street style that is refreshing.  It is also to be noted that if you like Marc Jacobs, you will probably like One Dapper Street.

The Ladies:

            The Blog: Sincerely Jules
            The Blogger: Julie Sarinana
            What Makes It Awesome: Julie is the epitome of California style.  Her looks always seem effortless and she has no problem embracing colors and prints.  She has the laid-back , catching rays , fun in the sun look down to a tee.

            The Blog: Wendy’s Lookbook
            The Blogger: Wendy Nguyen
            What Makes It Awesome: Feminine. Glamorous. Modern.  Wendy has an amazing eye for mixing prints and textures and some of her looks truly blow me away.

            The Blog: The Style Visitor
            The Blogger: Anne Britt
            What Makes It Awesome:  Anne has a style that produces just the right amount of rock and roll.  Not to hard and not to soft.  She also creates beautiful collages that contain trends, outfit ideas or just great pictures

            The Blog: Flashes of Style
            The Blogger: Bonnie Barton
            What Makes It Awesome:  I met Bonnie a few months back and she was lovely.  Her vintage style is unmistakable and makes her truly unique.  Plus her posts are short, sweet, and to the point.

            The Blog: Maria L
            The Blogger: Maria Lilius
            What Makes It Awesome: Finnish blogger Maria has a great modern style and she is not afraid of print or color.  She puts basic items together in an amazing way.  It also doesn’t hurt that she is stunning and has legs for days.

What do you think? Do you love them all? Have you found a new daily read? Drop a comment below and let me know!

P.S. – Have a great long weekend!


  1. These are great! Some I knew about (e.g. Sincerely Jules and WendysLookbook) but some I didn't...and now I have new blogs to follow...including yours!

    P.S. Also check out karlascloset.com <-- her blog is pretty awesome too, plus she has a jewelry line.

    1. I'm glad I could be a resource! and thank you!!
      I will definitely be checking out her blog!