How to Wear: Summer White

All white is (in my opinion) one of the hardest looks to pull off just based on the fact that it’s difficult to find different shades of white.  When putting together my two previous posts, it was a pretty simple formula of mixing a light shade with a dark shade.  So when dealing with whites, you want to find pieces that are slightly off-white to mix in, but the main way to create contrast in the look is texture. I used my Dolce and Gabbana shirt as my main textured piece and put on a belt that showed through to help break the look up.  Adding details like a pocket square or a bracelet also make the look more interesting.
Now there is also something to be said about shoe selection.  Shoes are debatably the most important part of an outfit and can make or break a look.  The two options that I am wearing completely change the feel of the look.  My sneakers give me a nice “Night out on the town” look, where as my sandals would be more appropriate while vacationing in Greece or Italy.  I personally love both looks and would rock them I the occasions presented themselves, but what do you guys think? Which look is your favorite?

What I have on:
Blazer, Pocket Square and Jeans: H&M , Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana , Sneakers: Gucci , Sandals: J.Artola (Envi Shoes) , Shades: Tevin Vincent , Bracelet: Kenneth Cole


  1. Amazing all white look.


  2. I am really amazed by your person.

  3. I thought you went too far on the shades you must keep it simple summer......you must remember to take small steps into being fashionista you can't jump in........two thumbs down but one thumb up for ambition