Red: The New Blue

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the re-introduction of “Summer Blues.”  Shades of blue (especially navy) are usually a staple in any mans wardrobe simply because it is easy to wear.  When summer comes around though, blues become a go-to piece for many men and are even embraced in monochromatic outfits.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely a strong supporter of summer blues (in fact, my closet is probably 2/3 blue), but is summer 2013 destined to be another summer of blue?

Well, maybe not.  If the title of this post is any indication of what this “new” color is, then is goes without saying that red has been on the rise this year.  I am actually surprised that is hasn’t become more popular sooner.  Red is, like blue, a primary color and it can go with many other colors.  Green, blue, gray and brown are just a few examples of the colors that work so well with red.  But don’t just take my advice for it, check out the runway shows of designers like Prada and Paul Smith.

Now in this look, I made a bold move and went monochromatic in red.  I kept the outfit very simple and let the colors talk.  But let me recommend that if you are just discovering red or are just a little more conservative, red makes for a great pop of color in accessories like pocket squares, watches or even socks.  And to break it down even further, it is hard to go wrong when mixing red and blue… just try to avoid looking like the American flag.

So is blue out this upcoming season? Absolutely not, but just keep an eye out on this newcomer and maybe give it a try.  Who knows, it could be your next go-to color.
What do you think?  Will you be wearing red this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

What I have on:
Sweater: J.Crew ,  Shorts: ASOS , Shoes: Generic Surplus , Bracelet: Armani Exchange


  1. I disagree though red may have a pop it can't be defined in a season, its more of an attitude and a state of mind........bold much?

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