Wool & Prince

Image courtesy of woolandprince.com

If you haven’t heard yet, there is something incredible happening in the evolution of the button down shirt. 

It started with a problem: button down shirts don’t last very long because of constant washing to eliminate odor and wrinkles that accumulate after one or two wears.  Then came the model for success: jeans. Guys love jeans because you can wear them multiple times with out having to wash them.  So the question was how do you make a shirt counterpart?  The solution: wool, and not just grandpa sweater wool that itches and irritates, fine wool that feels like cotton.  Genius.

Wool was the perfect solution due to its natural anti-wrinkle and odor-fighting properties.  Wool also has the ability to last six times longer than cotton. And Wool&Prince were able to recognize this, and design the next step in button downs.

Fast-Forward over the 100-day field test (yes, he wore the same wool shirt for 100 days straight) and you’ll understand why they have blown up in such a short amount of time.  In Fact, they are actually sold out of their shirts at the moment! But no worries, you can join a waiting list if you are still interested in getting one of these super shirts.

Check out Wool&Prince here.


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