On the Runway: Balmain Spring 2014

Images Courtesy of Style.com

If you didn’t know, Balmain is one of my favorites brands and this collection simply reaffirmed this.  The Spring 2014 collection was in short, amazing.  The uses of leather and denim are creative.  The construction and craftsmanship are undeniably remarkable.  And the play with fits and tailoring is inspiring. 

The fact that the collection can stick with all neutrals and still create ,what I consider, a stand out collection is what makes Balmain.  Obviously I’m a fan, so I’ll stop talking(or typing) and let the clothes do the talking… or typing.


On the Runway: Alexander Wang Spring 2014

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

T by Alexander Wang

T by Alexander Wang


Images courtesy of Style.com

Can we talk about Alexander Wang for a second? Rhetorical question, I’m going to anyways (haha).  So this is the first men’s collection from Balenciaga since Wang was named creative director in 2012 and I don’t think he disappointed.  His other brands (Alexander Wang and T by Alexander Wang) were also nice.  I think the three of them collectively painted a picture.

Balenciaga was definitely the most formal of the three.  Focusing on blazers and jackets, Mr. Wang was able to give his own touch to the brand and it was easily noticeable.

T by Alexander Wang was the most ready to wear.  It also looked the most comfortable.  With a mixture of shorts, sweaters and windbreakers, you weren’t going to see a suit anywhere near this show.

Alexander Wang is pretty much a love child between the two aforementioned brands.  Athletic wear but dressed up a bit thanks to materials and construction.

P.S. – I hope you guys are all enjoying the runway coverage (if not, I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program shortly :))!


On the Runway: Gucci Spring 2014

Images courtesy of Style.com

It seems that this season, Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini focused on her three F’s…

Floral. Fit. Foulard. 

The print of choices was definitely floral.  Under blazers, on pants, under sweaters or even full suits, there was no boundary to where the print could be.  They were able to pull it off by incorporating different types of floral print.  They have bold prints and subtle prints that compliment each other, which keeps the flow between all of the prints.

The fit was a perfect mix of loose and tailored clothing and an impeccable attention to detail.  The panels on a lot of the pants made for a tailored fit as well as keeping a somewhat futuristic aesthetic.

The Foulard (which is pretty much a fancy word for scarf) was frequently used in the show.  Having it tucked into t-shirts or blazers to make it appear as some sort of collar was an amazing way to add interest and color into the looks!

Overall I thought it was another great show for Gucci that contained multiple standout pieces (beige jacket) and maintained cohesion throughout. 



Sweatshirt, Snapback and Sneakers

This is the perfect outfit for a day out on the town.  Sunglasses to block the sun.  Snapback for when you don’t feel like worrying about your hair, and it can also help with the sun.   A sweater you can take off if it gets to warm or put on when it starts to cool down.  Rolled up chinos to give your ankles some air.  And comfortable but fashionable sneakers that you can easily walk miles in. 
The key is really to be comfortable, because nothing can ruin your day quicker than constantly being bothered by your clothes.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

What I have on:
Shades: Kevin Love 12 society Wayfarers (similar) , Snapback: Krew , Sweatshirt: Topman , Chinos: BDG (Urban Outfitters) , Shoes: Prada


On the Runway: Tom Ford Spring 2014

Images courtesy of www.WWD.com

I couldn’t let Milan Fashion week start without first breaking down one of my favorite designers who showed in London last week.  I mean who doesn’t love Tom Ford? His show Tuesday morning was said to be amazing, as usual, but the prohibition of photography made sharing this collection rather difficult.  I was, however, able to find a few press pictures that gave me a look into the spectacle that I missed. 
Now we all know Tom Ford knows how to make a suit, and if there is a formal occasion, he is the man to go to, but this season, it seems that he has went for a more casual approach (or at least not black tie).  While keeping his classic tailoring and silhouettes, he dressed it down by throwing in bright colors, bold prints and textured fabrics.  He also opted for v-necks instead of button-ups a few times, which helped aid the casualness of the show.  I can’t wait to see the full collection but in the meantime, this preview will definitely suffices!


On the Runway: Richard James Spring 2014

For those of you who don’t know, this week is London’s Fashion Week for menswear and I have been trying to keep up with all of the shows!  

One show that immediately caught my eye was Richard James.  His use of pastels is phenomenal and I love how he sporadically throws in bold colors as compliments.  I especially love what he did with his footwear.  They are all espadrilles but they are all unique.  Whether they were a bright color, had a bold print or had embellishments, I enjoyed how he used them to bring life to his looks while still giving it cohesion.  His styling is also on point.  The hats, the sunglasses, the contrasting pocket squares; this show is definitely near the top of my list this season! 

Check out some of my favorite looks above!


Weekend Warrior

 What a wild weekend this was! My mothers’ birthday and Father’s Day on the same weekend meant lots of family bonding.  On Saturday we headed up to Monterey and spent most of the day on the wharf (where every restaurant had free clam chowder samples… So good!) and Cannery Row (where I found myself lost in a mirror maze).  On Sunday, when we drove home, we stopped in Carmel By The Sea for a few hours and were able to take a stroll on the beach and visit local stores and bakeries.  Overall it was a great weekend and I can’t wait till next weekend to catch up on some sleep! 
Have a great Monday everybody!

P.S. - Stay tuned for the full outfit post later this week!


Flashback Friday: Autumn Leaves

So I realized this week that I still have all of my winter clothes in my closet, and all of my summer clothes in bags around my room, which is quite unsightly.  I guess I never got around to spring-cleaning.  So yesterday while going through my sweaters I found one of my favorites (pictured above) and it reminded me of the post I did awhile back… and then it dawned on me that I posted it on Objectsofouraffections.com.  So in honor of Flashback Friday and the assumption that most of you haven’t seen this look yet, I give you my first #FlashbackFriday! Hopefully I'll be able to find some time this weekend to do a quick little swap considering it’s been over 90 degrees all week!  Anyways, Happy Friday Everyone!
And be on the look out for more Flashback Fridays in the fututre!

What I have on:
Shirt: Club Monaco , Sweater: AllSaints Spitalfields , Chinos: ASOS , Boots: Sebago


Pattern Mixing

With so many prints and patterns being on trend this season (i.e. floral, camo and stripes) it is useful to know how to mix them.  Traditionally, the patterned item acted as the focal point of the outfit while the rest of the items just supported it.  So when you add more prints into a look, you want to make sure that you keep one item as the focal point.  It may be a challenge at first, but if you are able to correctly mix two or even three patterns, then you can really take your look to the next level. 

The basic rule of mixing patterns is to make sure that the patterns are different shapes and sizes.  For example, I went for a shirt with bigger dots, so for my tie, I kept the stripes small.  For the more ambitious person, pairing the same print together can have serious payoff, but don’t expect to hit the nail on the head every time.  A great example of the same print being used successfully is the SS13 runway show for Dries Van Noten.  His use of camouflage was outstanding, layering different camouflages’ on top of each other by varying the color and the print.

However, the real key to successfully pulling off mixing patterns is to be confident and comfortable in hat you are wearing.  If you don’t like what you have on, most likely people will notice. So stay confident and stay creative and feel free to comment below!

What I have on:
Shirt: Club Monaco , Tie: Nordstroms , Shoes: ASOS , Pants: Marni for H&M


Perfect Father's Day Gift

Images courtesy of Nooka.com

Following Thursdays post, I would like to point out that time to get your dad a gift is running out.  Now maybe you like to plan ahead and have already bought and wrapped an awesome present for your father, if that is you, Kudos!  But if you are anything like me on Thursday and hadn’t even given it a thought yet, this is for you.  While I was pondering possible gift ideas, putting myself in the role of a father and consequently realizing that I am nowhere near ready to be one, I thought of a gift that is perfect for any dad regardless of age, style or taste.  A timepiece.

Everyone needs at least one and having multiple never hurt anyone.
Assuming that your father already has a classic watch of some sort, maybe the one you get for him should be a little younger, maybe more casual or maybe just a fun watch!  My recommendation is New York brand Nooka.  Nooka specializes in inventive and interesting faces mixed with one-piece rubber bodies.  Above I have shown some of my favorites from their collection, but be sure to check out the full collection here.

Their vast array of watches makes them the perfect choice for any father.  Weather they like classic style, a modern take on retro, or just a pop of color Nooka will have a something for them!

Check them out at Nooka.com


What to Wear on Father's Day

With Father's day quickly approaching it may be time to start getting outfit ideas, or at least time to order your dad a gift.  Father's day is one of those holidays that are usually spent outside with the family.  That being said, it is important that you stay cool as the mercury rises. 

Now for the top half, I highly recommend a moisture wicking polo.  It will keep you cool and looking great, and picking a pastel or printed one will keep you right on trend.  The pop of print on my collar is just enough to keep my polo interesting! 

For the bottom half, I opted for my go to chinos.  They are breathable, stretchy and comfortable. The day these pictures were taken however, we were fortunate enough to have cooler weather and a slight breeze.  When Father's Day actually rolls around, we will probably experience heat upwards of 100°F so shorts would definitely be a viable option.  If pairing with a polo, I would say to go for a pair that hits an inch or so above the knee for a great classic outfit.  Just make sure you are comfortable!

So do you guys have any fun plans for Father's Day? Comment below or tweet me at @MicahJordann

What I have on:
Shirt: Burberry London , Pants and Shoes: Urban Outfitters , Bracelet: ASOS