Flashback Friday: Autumn Leaves

So I realized this week that I still have all of my winter clothes in my closet, and all of my summer clothes in bags around my room, which is quite unsightly.  I guess I never got around to spring-cleaning.  So yesterday while going through my sweaters I found one of my favorites (pictured above) and it reminded me of the post I did awhile back… and then it dawned on me that I posted it on Objectsofouraffections.com.  So in honor of Flashback Friday and the assumption that most of you haven’t seen this look yet, I give you my first #FlashbackFriday! Hopefully I'll be able to find some time this weekend to do a quick little swap considering it’s been over 90 degrees all week!  Anyways, Happy Friday Everyone!
And be on the look out for more Flashback Fridays in the fututre!

What I have on:
Shirt: Club Monaco , Sweater: AllSaints Spitalfields , Chinos: ASOS , Boots: Sebago

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