On the Runway: Gucci Spring 2014

Images courtesy of Style.com

It seems that this season, Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini focused on her three F’s…

Floral. Fit. Foulard. 

The print of choices was definitely floral.  Under blazers, on pants, under sweaters or even full suits, there was no boundary to where the print could be.  They were able to pull it off by incorporating different types of floral print.  They have bold prints and subtle prints that compliment each other, which keeps the flow between all of the prints.

The fit was a perfect mix of loose and tailored clothing and an impeccable attention to detail.  The panels on a lot of the pants made for a tailored fit as well as keeping a somewhat futuristic aesthetic.

The Foulard (which is pretty much a fancy word for scarf) was frequently used in the show.  Having it tucked into t-shirts or blazers to make it appear as some sort of collar was an amazing way to add interest and color into the looks!

Overall I thought it was another great show for Gucci that contained multiple standout pieces (beige jacket) and maintained cohesion throughout. 


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