Perfect Father's Day Gift

Images courtesy of Nooka.com

Following Thursdays post, I would like to point out that time to get your dad a gift is running out.  Now maybe you like to plan ahead and have already bought and wrapped an awesome present for your father, if that is you, Kudos!  But if you are anything like me on Thursday and hadn’t even given it a thought yet, this is for you.  While I was pondering possible gift ideas, putting myself in the role of a father and consequently realizing that I am nowhere near ready to be one, I thought of a gift that is perfect for any dad regardless of age, style or taste.  A timepiece.

Everyone needs at least one and having multiple never hurt anyone.
Assuming that your father already has a classic watch of some sort, maybe the one you get for him should be a little younger, maybe more casual or maybe just a fun watch!  My recommendation is New York brand Nooka.  Nooka specializes in inventive and interesting faces mixed with one-piece rubber bodies.  Above I have shown some of my favorites from their collection, but be sure to check out the full collection here.

Their vast array of watches makes them the perfect choice for any father.  Weather they like classic style, a modern take on retro, or just a pop of color Nooka will have a something for them!

Check them out at Nooka.com

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