Sweatshirt, Snapback and Sneakers

This is the perfect outfit for a day out on the town.  Sunglasses to block the sun.  Snapback for when you don’t feel like worrying about your hair, and it can also help with the sun.   A sweater you can take off if it gets to warm or put on when it starts to cool down.  Rolled up chinos to give your ankles some air.  And comfortable but fashionable sneakers that you can easily walk miles in. 
The key is really to be comfortable, because nothing can ruin your day quicker than constantly being bothered by your clothes.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

What I have on:
Shades: Kevin Love 12 society Wayfarers (similar) , Snapback: Krew , Sweatshirt: Topman , Chinos: BDG (Urban Outfitters) , Shoes: Prada

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