Brand Lookout: Generic Surplus

I am a strong believer that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes and that shoes can essentially make or break an outfit.  So obviously, footwear is important to me.  Throughout my years, I’ve gathered a small collection of shoes and I’m constantly searching for new brands and new styles to fit in to my collection.  Generic surplus, however, has found its way into my closet more than a few times.  Their shoes are versatile and more importantly, comfortable!

Generic Surplus is a Los Angles based that was founded as an extension of The Generic Man.  Their goal was to take the influence of the urban landscape of LA and blur the lines between sneaker and shoe.  As they put it:
“Generic Surplus celebrates personal identity and is the ideal footwear for the man who is confident enough to reject conventionality.”
Read as: classic styles with twists.  Their collections are creative, bold and individual, and with recent collaborations with fashion houses such as Comme de Garçon, Mollusk and Obey, I’m sure there will be plenty more of their shoes being added to my collection.  Here are some of my current summer must-haves:

Surplus Slip

Borstal Mesh

Slip On

Images Courtesy of GenericSurplus.com
Watch out for them in the upcoming seasons, and check out their online store here!

So which style is your Favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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