Red Hot Heatwave

 Hello again everyone! I don’t know where you guys are located, but here in the central valley, we have been experiencing a lovely heat wave (complete with over 110 degree weather).  During these kinds of temperatures, it’s best to stay somewhere with air conditioning!

On the plus side, since I’ve been pretty cooped up inside the house (unless to swim or go somewhere else with A/C), I actually moved my bedroom! It’s not all that exciting, but my new room is slightly larger and it fits a bigger bed, and given my height… bigger is always better.  My new room also has a built in shoe rack, which is rather exciting.  It is cool to be able to see all of your shoes at one time. 
Now the hard part is trying to figure out where to put all of my miscellaneous items that were in the crevices of my old room!

So what have you guys been up to the past week?

What I have on:
Shirt: Gant , Shorts: Modern Amusement (PacSun) , Shoes and Bracelets: ASOS

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