What to Wear on the Fourth of July

It is officially July, which means that it’s time to get the fireworks ready because the Fourth is just around the corner.  The Fourth of July is one of the few days when it is acceptable to be in all red, white and blue from head to toe.  I’m talking matching everything to each other to the point where you start looking like a walking flagpole.  Though I don’t recommend having a flag print on every piece of clothing you decide to wear, you may get a few high-fives if you decide to do so.  

I would say if you want to be patriotic but not go overboard, stick with one flag for the outfit and keep the rest of it toned down.  You can even add different shades of blue and red to tone it down even more.  Here are some of my top red, white and blue picks:

Chubbies 'Mericas

The ‘Mericas aren’t necessarily swim trunks, but I’m sure that they will do fine in or out of water.  The Bonobos are for if you planning on being in water all day.  To dress it up, pair with a light blue button-up and a pair of boat shoes, or dress it down with a white tank, blue espadrilles and snapback!
Creative Recreation
 Speaking of espadrilles, this creative rec pair adds a funky twist on a summer classic.  These shoes are perfect for a backyard BBQ or a day at the beach and you can get plenty of use out of them before summer is over.

Urban Outfitters
Fact: Denim counts as blue.  So wear this denim vest over a tank and throw some red into the rest of your outfit and you’ll be ready to rock out!
This shirt is great because it doesn’t scream America.  It can give you a nice casual approach to the red white and blue but it can also be worn on a later date.  If you go with a shirt like this, don’t be afraid to throw it on with a pair of ‘Mericas (if you are looking for a flag print shirt, I would recommend Urban Outfitters or ASOS).

Urban Outfitters

The Tie Bar

Tevin Vincent

Don’t forget to accessorize! This is where you have the chance to really go all out and show just how dedicated you are to America!  Sunglasses are a must for the Fourth of July and Tevin Vincent makes some awesome pairs that have red or blue reflective lens. 

And if all of this is too much for you, you can always just wear a flag onesie to keep it simple :). 
Go America!

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