Modern Meets Vintage

With New York Fashion Week quickly approaching, I feel like my outfit ideas are slowly expanding.  For example, I have had this vest in my closest for at least a year without any idea of how to wear it, and then the other day I saw it and BOOM, I knew exactly what to pair it with.  It started with the twisted cuffed pants and grew from there.  I really wanted the vest to be the focal point of the outfit, so everything else was added to compliment it.  Which would actually explain why the look has a somewhat vintage feel.
I actually love the modern take on something classic by adding prints and cuffing the pants.  And who could forget the circular shades?  I just got these bad boys the other day and I already love them.  They definitely help broaden my sunglasses collection!  This look also would have looked great with a bow tie or a panama hat but I decided to keep it simple because 1. I didn’t want to over accessories the look and 2. It’s hotter than wasabi outside!

So what do you guys think? Are you getting inspired by the upcoming fashion week?

What I have on:
Shirt: Joe’s Jeans , Vest: Vintage , Pants: ASOS , Shoes: John Varvatos , Bracelet: Armani Exchange , Sunglasses: Tevin Vincent


Givenchy Inspired

So I have to confess that I have been majorly enamored with Givenchy as of late.  The leather, the edge, the animal motifs, just all of it! And it is actually quite funny, because my wardrobe doesn’t reflect that in anyway.  Hence, I’ve been slowly adding pieces to give it a bit of an edge.  With that said, for this outfit I felt heavily inspired by Givenchy but still tried to keep the look within my current style. 
The accessories were also a big part of this look because without them, it is essentially just black shorts with a white shirt, which is probably one of the most basic pairings.  The shoes and socks create a great statement piece that brings the outfit to life.  The spiked chain is actually a great way to add a little bit of edge to any outfit and that is exactly what it did. Then the watch and shades where added to bring it all together!
What do you guys think?

What I have on:
Shirt: Old Navy , Shorts: Hurley , Shoes: Gucci , Watch: Nooka , Chain: Topman


Phillip Lim for Target

Images Courtesy of Phillip Lim LookBook

Another designer collaboration!  I love when designers collaborate with stores to make a collection that is more accessible to the general public.  And this time Phillip Lim is creating a fall collection for Target.  Now the collection doesn’t come out until September 15th, but they released a lookbook so you can decide what you want before it even hits the stores.  The collection consists of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and bags.
Phillip Lim kept to his aesthetic and created a sophisticated collection that is both functional and fashionable, not to mention he used camouflage (and we know how much I love camouflage).  And on top of all of that, it is affordable.  Most pieces fall within the 20 to 50 dollar range, the exceptions being jackets.  The most expensive piece is priced at $299.99 … but considering that is for a great quality leather jacket, it is still definitely a steal.
My personal favorite pieces are the color-blocked sweater and the camouflage print pants, although the whole men’s collection is quite great.  And can I just say that I am actually pleasantly surprised at his choice to use camouflage and also the color selection of the camouflage.  It is a great twist on a print that is right on trend and will continue to be for many seasons to come!
Overall I think this is one of the better collaborations I have seen! September 15th come sooner!

See the full men's collection below:


Vacation Blues


For those of you that don’t follow me on instagram or twitter… or facebook, I thought I should let you know that the past week I have been in Jamaica for a family reunion.  It was also my birthday last week, and getting to spend it Jamaica with just my family was something different but special.  Jamaica was beautiful and I loved hanging with my family, but I cant say it doesn’t feel good to be back home… with Internet! Ha Ha.
These pictures were actually taken before I left for the week, and I was definitely feeling like I was going to a yacht club or something (even though I only went to work).  The navy and the stripes brought a nautical feel to a very dapper outfit.  This is a great look that will keep you cool in summer without compromising your style!

What I have on:
Shirt: Old Navy , Shorts: Marni (for H&M) , Shoes: Prada , Sunglasses: Tevin Vincent , Watch: Wenger Swiss Military

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How To Wear: Bright Blue

Bright Blue has been a color of choice this summer and can be a great pop of color.  However, it can easily take over and outfit or draw attention to unwanted areas because it is so bright.  When first venturing into wearing such a bright color, I highly recommend keeping the rest of the outfit black or another neutral tone to keep the color from overpowering the look, while maintaining the pop of color. Pairing a bright blue tie with a khaki suit can really bring life to the outfit.

For those at the intermediate stage, you can take it a step further, as I did, and pair your bright color with an equally as loud pattern.  The point of this is to make the bright color almost fade into the background while you pay attention to the print. Word of advice would be to make sure that the colors of the print don’t clash with the blue, as that could confuse the eyes and brain.

Now for those fashion veterans who are either advanced or just bold, you can try an entire blue outfit; and I’m not talking about monochromatic using different shades of blue, I’m talking all the exact same color of bright blue.  It is a very bold move, but the few times I have seen it done, it has been amazing.  I guess the bigger the risk, the bigger the payoff!
What do you guys think? How do you wear bright blue?

What I Have on:
Shirt: Topman , Pants: Gap , Shoes: Cole Haan , Cuff: Kenneth Cole


Shorts and Sandals

Midway through summer and guess what? It’s still hot.  On the plus side, I have had the opportunity to break in my new gladiator sandals.  I actually quite enjoy wearing them, besides from being cooler than any pair of closed shoes and sturdier/more appealing than flip-flops, they also kind of make me feel like a gladiator (and any chance I get to feel like I just stepped out of 300, I’ll take).  Using those as my starting point I wanted to create a lightweight neutral look, as not to distract from the shoes, but I couldn’t resist putting in a pop of color with my belt. 
The more I wear them, the more I am realizing that sandals are surprising versatile and wouldn’t look out of place with a button up shirt and shorts (hint hint).  I highly suggest going out and getting a pair if you don’t own some already.  And if you wont do that for yourself, at least do it for Sparta! (ok, excuse the bad jokes) So what do you guys think of sandals for men?

What I have on:
Shoes: J. Artola (Envi Shoes) , Shirt: Vince , Shorts: Life/After/Denim , Belt: ASOS 


Flashback Friday: A Plaid, Plaid World

Happy Friday everyone! Today we have another Flashback Friday!  I’m actually quite excited about being able to post this again because this look is still one of my favorites.  I never used to be a fan of mixing black and blue together until I saw these Zara boots.  I remember giving it a try and I absolutely fell in love with how the black, blue and green played off of each other.  Now it is one of my favorite combinations. 
I think this look is a great example of a tailored look with a bit of an urban infusion (because plaid pants are completely retro).  And given that it is composed from all high street fashion brands, it proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to look great!
So what is your favorite color combination?

What I have on:
Jacket: Topman , Shirt and Tie: H&M , Pants and Shoes: Zara