How To Wear: Bright Blue

Bright Blue has been a color of choice this summer and can be a great pop of color.  However, it can easily take over and outfit or draw attention to unwanted areas because it is so bright.  When first venturing into wearing such a bright color, I highly recommend keeping the rest of the outfit black or another neutral tone to keep the color from overpowering the look, while maintaining the pop of color. Pairing a bright blue tie with a khaki suit can really bring life to the outfit.

For those at the intermediate stage, you can take it a step further, as I did, and pair your bright color with an equally as loud pattern.  The point of this is to make the bright color almost fade into the background while you pay attention to the print. Word of advice would be to make sure that the colors of the print don’t clash with the blue, as that could confuse the eyes and brain.

Now for those fashion veterans who are either advanced or just bold, you can try an entire blue outfit; and I’m not talking about monochromatic using different shades of blue, I’m talking all the exact same color of bright blue.  It is a very bold move, but the few times I have seen it done, it has been amazing.  I guess the bigger the risk, the bigger the payoff!
What do you guys think? How do you wear bright blue?

What I Have on:
Shirt: Topman , Pants: Gap , Shoes: Cole Haan , Cuff: Kenneth Cole

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