Shorts and Sandals

Midway through summer and guess what? It’s still hot.  On the plus side, I have had the opportunity to break in my new gladiator sandals.  I actually quite enjoy wearing them, besides from being cooler than any pair of closed shoes and sturdier/more appealing than flip-flops, they also kind of make me feel like a gladiator (and any chance I get to feel like I just stepped out of 300, I’ll take).  Using those as my starting point I wanted to create a lightweight neutral look, as not to distract from the shoes, but I couldn’t resist putting in a pop of color with my belt. 
The more I wear them, the more I am realizing that sandals are surprising versatile and wouldn’t look out of place with a button up shirt and shorts (hint hint).  I highly suggest going out and getting a pair if you don’t own some already.  And if you wont do that for yourself, at least do it for Sparta! (ok, excuse the bad jokes) So what do you guys think of sandals for men?

What I have on:
Shoes: J. Artola (Envi Shoes) , Shirt: Vince , Shorts: Life/After/Denim , Belt: ASOS 

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