Keeping it Casual

You guys may have noticed that I have a tendency to wear collared shirts more often than not.  It actually got to the point where I was only wearing collared shirts or sweaters, but recently I have started enjoying the simplicity of jeans or shorts with a basic tee.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love and could sleep in my collared shirts, but there is definitely something wayyyy more relaxing about being in a t-shirt.
So for this outfit I kept it casual.  I have recently fallen in love with ¾ length sleeves because of how long and lanky my arms are.  I found that the sleeves cut my arm in half and make it appear shorter, which for me, is a plus.  Pair the graphic raglan shirt with a pair of neutral (that’s right, army green is neutral) shorts and a chambray snapback and you have the perfect outfit for running errand on the weekends!
Oh and I almost forgot my shoes.  I scored these guys a while back and they are pretty awesome! Even if they weren’t a great material and color, they would still be amazing because they can be hi-tops or low tops! Which makes them perfect for multiple seasons!
So what do you guys wear on your casual days?

What I have on:
Shirt: Overkill By Insight , Shorts: Projek Raw , Shoes: Creative Recreation , Hat: Aldo

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