Red R(over) Black

      Living in California, I will find any excuse to wear my coats, and given that this winter has been unseasonably warm, I have tried to wear a coat every time the mercury drops anywhere near cold!  This red coat from Zara is one of my favorites.  I find that it is a almost the perfect color, it’s a little darker than true red, but that only seems to make it more wearable.  It is still very strong and will make a statement, but its not going to overpower a look… or an onlooker. 

      I matched it up with a new pair of sweatpants that I have recently purchased. Now, I am a fan of sweatpants, but what stops me from wearing them all the time is that after a few hours of wear, the knee area gets stretched out and makes the sweatpants appear unsightly, there are few things worse than baggy knees.  So I got this pair with knee patches and it solved my issue (so if you start seeing these often, I am sorry, but they are amazing).  They also had a nice detail on the back pocket which was a bit of a surprise.  On the top half, I threw on a collared shirt and sweater to dress this look up a little and stop me from looking like bum and of course my coat topped the look off! But I guess its time to put my coats back away and bring out the shorts!

What are you guys going to miss most about winter?

What I have on:
Coat: Zara , Sweater: H&M , Shirt: Old Navy , Sweatpants: Retro Distrikt , Shoes: Puma


DIY Vest and Leather

Every few months I try to go through my closest and pick out the things that either don’t fit or I just don’t think fit my personal style anymore, and from there I would usually just donate them or throw them away if they were old.  But ever since I have put myself on a budget a few months ago, I have been trying to be more resourceful.  Which means I first think of any possible alterations I could make to the item to make it more me.  And that is exactly what I did with this shirt. 

I got this shirt back in high school when I was rockin’ Monarchy, Christian Audiger, Ed Hardy and the likes; but if you have seen my blog, you’ll know that my style has changed drastically since then.  So I realized by taking off some of the heavy embroidery (aka chopping off the sleeves) I could make this shirt work.  Then I decided since color-blocking is in and its still a bit chilly out, I could throw on a basic black long sleeve tee shirt under it to make it more current.  Pair it with some leather boots and some joggers and you got yourself a completely new look without even spending a dime.  Oh the wonders of scissors.

What I have on:
Black tee shirt: American Apparel , Button-up Shirt: 7 Diamonds , Jacket: Zara , Joggers: ASOS , Boots: Sebago , Watch: WeWood