Hey everyone, I’m Micah Jordan Stanford but feel free to just call me Micah.  I am currently a 22 year old “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” (If you know what that’s from, kudos to you.) But in real life; during the day, I am a medical biller and at night I use all of my creativity that I don’t use during the day to blog about fashion, technology and all the other random things I enjoy! 

So here are some Micah Fun facts:

- My family means the world to me

- I love awkward moments

- I have a soft spot for dogs

- I enjoy videogames

- Food is awesome

- Dessert is even better

- I will watch any movie about superheroes

- I live in Fresno

I have some big ideas and cant wait to share the world from my eyes; I hope you guys stick around for the journey!

Have any questions? Think I’m funny/random/awesome? Send me an email! Or follow me onTwitterInstagram, and Blog Lovin… or lets be Facebook friends!

For any enquiries on advertising opprotunities, partnerships, collaborations, freelance writing and styling please feel free to shoot me an email at micah.stanford@gmail.com 

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